Federal Agency Services FAQ

What is the price for the programs?

We will work closely with your Federal agency to provide a program that meets your needs. Federal Employee Benefits Advocates, (FEBA), also offers Federal agencies the option of setting up virtual benefits briefings for their employees, virtual 1 hr, 2 Hr,4 hour or two days for a full day session Federal Employee Benefits briefings (CSRS or FERS) and or Financial Literacy briefing. Pricing depends on factors such as program length (full-day, half-day, other), content, number of participants, materials provided, etc. Please call us at (720) 432-3331 or email us for a custom price quote, or use the link to set up a time to discuss your agency’s needs.


Can you help me provide information about the program to our employees?

Yes. We know that for your program to be successful, everyone who may benefit needs to understand why they should attend and what information will be presented. They’ll want to know about the content and quality of the program before committing time from their busy schedules. We can provide assistance with marketing by providing communication materials, which can decrease the burden of having to answer questions while increasing attendance. Here is a Sample Agency Benefits Briefing Announcement that can be customized for your briefings.

Can you help me determine and report on the success of the briefing once it’s been completed?

At the conclusion of each session, we ask participants to complete a Course and Instructor Evaluation Form. These forms asks participants to score both the content of the program and the instructor in several areas on a scale of 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent). Space for participant comments is also available. After the briefing, we’ll email you a Summary Report that includes a report of the scores along with copies of the evaluation forms. Many human resources directors and agency heads find this effective when evaluating the success of the briefing. Here is a Sample Summary Report illustrating the scores.

Can you provide referrals from other agencies?

Yes, we can offer referrals from Points of Contact (POCs) at other agencies who have used our firm and programs for their employees. Please call us at (720) 432-3331 or email us using our contact form to request a referral. You may also review the Client List, which has a listing of Federal agencies and employees that we’ve worked with to provide programs.

Can spouses attend the program?

Yes, we encourage employees to bring their spouses when possible. It is important that both spouses understand the employee’s benefits. An agency can make its own decision based on time, location and space availability. We prefer that spouses share materials.

What can I do to assist with the success of the program?

We recommend that you designate a Point of Contact (POC) who our instructor can rely upon for questions about the meeting logistics. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of your program. The POC should work closely with the instructor to plan details such as scheduled arrival time, security issues related to entering the facility, room set up, etc.

We also ask that your agency take responsibility for:

  • Coordinating registrations and notifications to meeting participants.
  • Providing projector, projection screen, microphone (if needed), flipchart or whiteboard, extension cords, etc.
  • Arranging for access to your facility approximately one hour before the start of the session.
  • Notifying meeting participants that they should bring to a briefing, including:
    • A most recent Earnings and Leave Statement
    • A most recent Form SF-50
    • TSP statement
    • Social Security statement
    • Calculator

How can I be assured that there will be no solicitation of my employees?

Federal Employee Benefits Advocates is an educational firm that provides employee benefits training to help educate Federal employees and financial advisors.  We are not a financial services firm, and do not offer any financial, investment, insurance or other products.

Do you have a CAGE code and a DUNS number?

Yes, our CAGE code is 7QGU4 and our DUNS number is 080404786.

We hope you were able to determine whether our programs will meet the needs of your agency and its employees from the information provided on the Federal Agency Services page or above in the frequently asked questions. If you didn’t find an answer to your question here, please call us at (720) 432-3331. We’d welcome the opportunity to design a program and produce a customized proposal that meets your needs.