FEBA Seminars ‘Understanding Your Federal Benefits’ Workbook

Employees who attend benefits briefings appreciate being given the materials presented during the session. They want to leave with information and notes that can be shared with spouses and other family members. They want something to refer to when they have questions.

Each employee who attends the briefing will get the ‘Understanding Your Federal Benefits’ workbook. In addition to containing the slides presented by the instructor during the briefing, the full-day workbook includes the FEBA Seminars Employee Benefits Worksheet. A Course and Instructor Evaluation Form is also included to gather feedback on the briefing or request additional follow-up information. This information is provided to you in the Summary and Evaluations Report, which we assemble as a follow-up to your briefings. Here’s a Sample Summary (PDF) link with participant scores.

We use a format of two slides per page to make the information easier to view, and our slides are even larger than a typical two-slide-per-page layout. At the bottom of each page are lines for note-taking. Charts, tables and other illustrations too small for the two-slide-per-page format are included on a full page.

Our materials use graphics to help explain complex concepts. For example, by replacing words with pictures, we can walk through the options available at retirement for keeping larger amounts of the FEGLI basic life insurance benefit, if needed by the employee.

Because the information provided is limited to the time available, it’s important to offer participants other resources. As an example, we may suggest that employees obtain a book from OPM or a tax publication from the IRS. See an another FEBA Seminars workbook page example here.

The information is updated regularly to include changes to tax laws and Federal regulations. We continually monitor Congressional and Executive legislative changes that could affect Federal employees and their benefits. You’ll find useful news and updates on our Agency Updates page.