FERS Social Security module contains information on FERS Social Security Benefits

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    You must be a FEBA Seminars licensee to order any FEBA Seminar materials. FEBA Seminars Workbooks are available, and must be ordered from Federal Employee Benefits Advocates, LLC. We print the workbooks in order to control the quality of the material, and to satisfy other compliance requirements. (Workbooks cannot be printed or duplicated by the adviser without violation of copyright.)

    The FERS Social Security module is printed with a saddle stitched with glossy cover front and back. It includes information on how to qualify for Social Security, Survivor benefits and how the earnings test can affect Social Security payments. It is great for use with short sessions such as lunch and learns or a series of sessions.

    *If you are affiliated with a Broker/Dealer (BD) or Registered Investment Advisor (RIA or IAR), all client facing materials must be reviewed and approved by the compliance department. Please contact us at (720) 432-3331 or email info@febadvocates.com prior to licensing seminars or ordering any materials. We will work directly with the compliance department them to get all seminars and marketing materials reviewed and approved prior to purchase. Once approved, all required disclosure language will be printed and on any materials order.

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