Benefits Briefing Presentation Book (laminated)


Benefits Briefing Brochure gives detailed information on the seminars and services available to Federal agencies, associations or unions.

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    Product Description

    The Benefits Promotional Presentation Book is a 12 page laminated card stock book, printed and coil bound, providing in depth details of the seminar programs. It is designed to be used as a point of sale piece when sitting down with points of contacts (POC) in the Federal agencies, associations or unions. It allows the user to make notations with an erasable marker or grease pen and wipe off after the meeting. It can be used in conjunction with the Benefits Briefing Brochure as a leave behind after the presentation to the POC. It outlines the services provide such as the types of seminars available, CSRS/FERS/ Financial Planning, and the formats (Full-Day or Half-Day). It also highlights the Benefits Worksheet and Summary Report and Evaluations.

    *If you are affiliated with a Broker/Dealer (BD) or Registered Investment Advisor (RIA or IAR), all client facing materials must be reviewed and approved by the compliance department. Please contact us at (720) 432-3331 or email prior to licensing seminars or ordering any materials. We will work directly with the compliance department them to get all seminars and marketing materials reviewed and approved prior to purchase. Once approved, all required disclosure language will be printed and on any materials order.

    **You must be a FEBA Seminars licensee to order any FEBA Seminar materials. FEBA Seminars Workbooks are available, and must be ordered from Federal Employee Benefits Advocates, LLC. We print the workbooks in order to control the quality of the material, and to satisfy other compliance requirements. (Workbooks cannot be printed or duplicated by the adviser without violation of copyright.)

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